Fifa 09 Ultimate League

Season: FIFA League 2009

Sat Aug 22 - 07:41 PM - Group B: Barcelona 6  vs.  A.C. Milan 2

Sat Aug 22 - 03:48 PM - Group A: Man United 1  vs.  Arsenal 3

Sat Aug 22 - 03:47 PM - Group A: Arsenal 2  vs.  Man United 4

Thu Aug 20 - 05:30 PM - Group A: Spurs 1  vs.  Arsenal 3

Thu Aug 20 - 05:26 PM - Group A: Arsenal 5  vs.  Spurs 0

Sun Aug 16 - 10:18 PM - Group B: Barcelona 1  vs.  Bayern Munich 0

Sun Aug 16 - 11:46 AM - Group B: Bayern Munich 1  vs.  Barcelona 2

Sat Aug 15 - 05:49 PM - Group A: Man United 1  vs.  Liverpool 2

Sat Aug 15 - 05:39 PM - Group A: Liverpool 3  vs.  Man United 2

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Barca Thrash AC Milan in first leg!

Posted Sun Aug 23, 2009 - 03:44 PM">

Yesterday Barcelona took on A.C. Milan. Both teams looking to grap the crucial
3 points and superior goal difference. The starting line up was a very strong team for both sides and Xavi was a majout doubt for this match but passed a Late fitness test. As the match started, Barcelona started very brightly and was looking to strike sooner or later! But the first goal came in a shock attack as Pato scored for A.C. Milan! They caught Barcelona on the counter attack from a corner at the other end and Pato's finish was absoulutly delightful! And as you would just be amazed at A.C. Milans goal, straight from kick off Eto'o ripped the opposition teams defence and carmply placed it past the keeper! so the score was 1-1 after 16 mins. The second goal was just tipical Barca passing, moving, finding space, and bang a goal before your eyes from Thierry Henry. Then the game was getting away from A.C. Milan as Barca got a 3rd just 6 miniutes after they got there 2nd from a corner by Xavi and a sensational bycicle kick by Lionel Messi. The game was fully dominated by Barca as the 4th came in the 43rd minute from a curving Xavi free kick which just showed how great Barcelona are, and that was half time. The second half saw something bright for A.C. Milan when they dropped it down to 4-2, beautiful passing set Pato up and he chipped Valdes wonderfully. But Barca hit back straight away in the 67th minute from Thierry Henry near post and a goal not surprising by the way they played. Barca kept pressing for their 6th goal and got it when Messi was foulded in the Box and he took the Penalty top left corner. 6-2 to Barca great performance by the whole team, but A.C. Milan will be very very dissapointed with the performance they gave from a very stromg team. Man of the Match was Lionel Messi.

Secong Leg of North London Derby is completed by Arsenal!

Posted Thu Aug 20, 2009 - 01:31 PM">

The second leg of the North London Derby was a bit different from the first half as Tottenham nearly held Arsenal for 3 points! The start of the match was very competetive there was chances flying at each half but none being converted into the back of the net. Tottenham took the lead from a Robbie Keane tap in and White Hart Lane went baserk and Robbie Keane was booked taking his shirt off :p. Tottenham held that goal into the 2nd half as Arsenal was absolutely dominating the game. Arsenal looked fustrated as they hit the cross bar and then off the post. Tottenham had a really good chance to double their lead but Gallas was there to save Arsenal's chances! The game was getting away from Arsenal as the clock was reaching the 80th minute mark. But Niklas Bendtner equalised in the 78th minute to give Arsenal some hope of even winning the match! And it was so Tottenham lost their gas and Arsenal got a 2nd from Robin Van Persie in the 83rd minute to give Arsenal the lead. The game looked rapped up from there but Arsenal wasn't finished as they got their 3rd from another Robin Van Persie goal and the comeback was complete 3-1 to Arsenal! Man of the Match was awarded to Tom Huddlestone from Tottenham Hotspur

North London Derby goals Arsenal's way by 5 miles!

Posted Thu Aug 20, 2009 - 01:09 PM">

It was what we've all been waiting for, Arsenal vs Tottenham! Both managers looking to get those crucial 3 points in the group stage. And Arsenal took the lead just 3 minutes from the start of the match when a chip from Fabregas put Van Persie 1on1 with the keeper and he did not dissapoint! The game looked to be going Arsenal's way as they kept of troubling Tottenham's defence with the chips coming from midfield. Arsenal doubled their lead from a corner by Fabregas from the left and Arshavin the winter signing getting his head to blast the ball in the net! and not long Van Persie got another from a long ranger with his rapid left foot he slammed it in the goal! Spurs came close from a wonderful run by Lennon to feed the ball to Pavliyuchenko but gallas got there before any action took place. Then that was it for the 1st half. In the 2nd half Arsenal looked very dangerous and got a goal from Samir nasri in the 59th minute it was simple 1 touch football and he slid the ball into the net with no trouble at all Spurs were more dangerous in the 2nd half but not dangerous enough for Arsenal as they got their 5th from another corner and Fabregas did not header the ball he vollied it past the keeper in a slamming 190mph shot. Spurts hit the cross bar from a Keane header but wouldn't of even been a conselation goal ;p and that was the end of the match a convincing performance by Arsenal but Spurs have to look at the replay to see what they did wrong. Man of the Match was Andrei Arshavin.

Bayern Unlucky in 2nd leg.

Posted Thu Aug 20, 2009 - 12:47 PM">

The second leg Bayern vs Barcelona! it was a very different match from the first leg it was close in every minute of the game. Bayern looked v very dangerous on the counter attack but the Barca back four wasn't taking any of it. Barcelona got the first goal from a Outstanding Xavi free kick! And thats how it stayed in the first half. The second half started as a competetive half since the whistle blew and Bayern got the equaliser from Klose near post and he belted it in! Bayern looked very strong after their goal but couldn't hold on till the 73rd minute when Samuel Eto'o tapped in a through ball from Iniesta and that looked the desisive goal and was. A very good performance from both sides and Man of the Match was Puyol of Barcelona.

Barcelona defeats Bayern Munich to take 3 crucial points!

Posted Mon Aug 17, 2009 - 06:42 AM">

Barcelona took on Bayern Munich in their first match of Group B. The first and only goal came in the 13th minute by from a through ball by Iniesta and then a calm finish by Samuel Eto'o! There was some great skill by Lionel Messi who nearly broke through all 4 of Bayern Munich's defenders. And that was the end of the first half. In the second half it was a different story Bayern Munich looked the stronger side in the first 15 minutes of the first half and was likely to score 2-3 goals. Frank Ribery smashed the cross-bar from a header inside the box. The game went equal in the middle of the 2nd half and the game looked going Barcelona's way as the referee waved away a definate penalty and thats how the game stayed. Both managers would be pleased with their teams performance and will be looking forward to their matches against Pachuco

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